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ROS 2 Bag File Logging and Analysis

Import, visualize and analyze ROS 2 bag files

ROS toolbox allows access to the message data in ROS 2 bag files or ros2bags. You can filter the ROS 2 data and execute offline analysis in these ros2bag files.

To extract message data from a ros2bag log file, use the ros2bagreader object. To write logs to a ros2bag log file, use the ros2bagwriter object. You can also record ROS 2 messages during a Simulink® simulation by using the ROS 2 Logger app. For more information, see Use ROS 2 Logger App to Save ROS 2 Messages from Simulink.

To visualize the messages in ROS 2 bag log file or view a live ROS 2 topic, use ROS Data Analyzer app.


ROS Data AnalyzerVisualize messages from live ROS or ROS 2 topics and bag files (Since R2023a)


ros2bagreaderAccess ROS 2 bag log file information (Since R2021a)
readMessagesRead messages from ros2bagreader object (Since R2021a)
selectSelect subset of messages in ros2bagreader (Since R2021a)
getTransformReturn transformation between two coordinate frames (Since R2023b)
canTransformVerify if transformation is available (Since R2023b)
timetableCreate timetable for selected message properties in ROS 2 bag file (Since R2024a)
ros2bagwriterCreate and write logs to ROS 2 bag log file (Since R2022b)
writeWrite logs to ROS 2 bag log file (Since R2022b)
deleteRemove ros2bagwriter object from memory (Since R2022b)


Read DataPlay back data from ROS 2 log file (Since R2021b)


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