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Run on Target Hardware

Detect and pick an object using algorithms deployed on onboard computer using Robotics System Toolbox™ Support Package for Kinova® Gen3 Manipulators

To complete the overall workflow as part of Model Based Design, the Robotics System Toolbox Support Package for Kinova Gen3 Manipulators enables connectivity and control of the robot using a stand-alone compute board like NVIDIA® Jetson™. This feature helps you to eliminate the need of a continuous communication link between the robot and a generic host computer (with MATLAB®). With onboard deployment, you can design various automated tasks involving artificial intelligence, computer vision, and path planning, and deploy the algorithm on compute board to achieve higher efficiency and accuracy. The code generation and deployment requires ROS Toolbox.

Using this capability of the support package, you develop an object detection algorithm to identify object’s position and orientation from an image, localize the object in 3-D space, compute desired trajectory for a manipulator robot to reach the object from current position, and command the manipulator to move accordingly.