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Parallel Computing

Execute MATLAB® programs and Simulink® simulations in parallel on CPUs, on GPUs, or on both

Parallel computing with MATLAB provides the language and tools that help you take advantage of more hardware resources, through CPUs and GPUs on the desktop, on clusters, and in the cloud.

  • Parallelize computations without changing any code as hundreds of functions have automatic parallel support and GPU support.

  • Write portable parallel code that runs for any user with or without Parallel Computing Toolbox and scale automatically depending on available resources.

  • Write parallel code once and execute on different cluster environments.

  • Solve computationally intensive problems using local multicore processors and GPUs or scale up to compute clusters.

Workflow for Parallel computing from desktop to compute clusters


Parallel Computing Fundamentals

Parallel Simulations in Simulink

  • Running Multiple Simulations (Simulink)
    Run multiple simulations from the parsim and batchsim commands, and the Multiple Simulations panel in Simulink Editor.

Using GPUs in MATLAB

Scaling Up to Cluster and Cloud

Parallel Computing Applications