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Cellpose for Microscopy Segmentation

Segment microscopy images using Medical Imaging Toolbox Interface for Cellpose Library

Segment cells from microscopy images using the Medical Imaging Toolbox™ Interface for Cellpose Library support package. The support package provides functionality for downloading pretrained models from the Cellpose Library, segmenting 2-D and 3-D images using Cellpose models, and training new models using your own microscopy data.

You can install the Medical Imaging Toolbox Interface for Cellpose Library from Add-On Explorer. For more information about installing add-ons, see Get and Manage Add-Ons. The support package also requires Deep Learning Toolbox™ and Computer Vision Toolbox™.


cellposeConfigure Cellpose model for cell segmentation (Since R2023b)
segmentCells2DSegment 2-D image using Cellpose (Since R2023b)
segmentCells3DSegment 3-D image volume using Cellpose (Since R2023b)
trainCellposeTrain custom Cellpose model (Since R2023b)
downloadCellposeModelsDownload pretrained models from Cellpose Library (Since R2023b)