Class: matlab.io.datastore.FoldersPropertyProvider
Package: matlab.io.datastore

Populate Folders property from datastore location argument




populateFoldersFromLocation(ds,location) populates the Folders property of the datastore ds using the location input to the datastore.

If your custom datastore class inherits from matlab.io.datastore.FoldersPropertyProvider, then you can call populateFoldersFromLocation in the datastore constructor of the class to populate the Folders property.

Input Arguments

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Datastore, specified as a datastore object that inherits from matlab.io.datastore.FoldersPropertyProvider. To create a datastore object, see matlab.io.Datastore.

Location of files or folders in datastore, specified as one of these values:

  • A character vector listing a valid folder, file, or wildcard name.

  • A string array or cell array of character vectors containing valid folder, file, or wildcard names.

  • A matlab.io.datastore.DsFileSet object



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If your custom datastore class inherits from matlab.io.datastore.FoldersPropertyProvider to add support for a Folders property, then you can use the populateFoldersFromLocation method in the datastore constructor to populate the Folders property.

For example, the datastore constructor used in the example Develop Custom Datastore for DICOM Data uses the populateFoldersFromLocation method to populate the Folders property:

        function myds = DICOMDatastore(location)
            % The class constructor to set properties of the datastore. 
            myds.Files = matlab.io.datastore.FileSet(location, ...
                "IncludeSubfolders", true);

Introduced in R2020a