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Build and Run Fortran Engine Applications on Windows

This example shows how to build and run the Fortran example fengdemo.F on Windows® platforms.

Start MATLAB® as a user with administrator privileges. Based on your User Account Control (UAC) settings, you might need to right-click the MATLAB icon and select Run as administrator. If that option is not available, contact your system administrator.

Register MATLAB as a COM server.

!matlab -regserver

MATLAB displays a second, minimized command window. Close that window.

Make note of the value of matlabroot (the folder where MATLAB is installed) and the value returned by the MATLAB computer('arch') command. You will use the value res later to set the run-time library path in a set PATH command.

res = fullfile(matlabroot,'bin',computer('arch'))

Verify that your current folder is writable and copy the example.


Choose a compiler, if necessary.

mex -setup -client engine Fortran

Build the application.

mex -v -client engine fengdemo.F

Open a Windows command prompt.

Set the run-time library path by modifying the system PATH variable. Use the value res from the previous step. Make sure that you include the ; path terminator character.

set PATH=matlabroot\bin\arch;%PATH%

Run the example. The fengdemo application must be on your system path.


MATLAB starts and displays a figure.

Type 1 <Enter> at the system prompt to continue and exit.

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