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Platform and License

Use other platforms and query computer, license, and product version

The primary functions for finding information about installed MathWorks® products are:

  • matlabRelease — MATLAB® release name (since R2020b)

  • license — MATLAB license number, with options to list available or checked out licenses

If you do not have MATLAB installed and need information about your license, visit License Center.


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matlabReleaseCurrent MATLAB release information (Since R2020b)
isMATLABReleaseOlderThanDetermine if current MATLAB release is older than specified MATLAB release (Since R2020b)
versionVersion number for MATLAB and libraries
licenseGet license status, test existence of license, or check out feature license
isstudentDetermine if version is Student Version
computerInformation about computer on which MATLAB is running
ispcDetermine if version is for Windows (PC) platform
ismacDetermine if version is for macOS platform
isunixDetermine if version is for Linux or Mac platforms
canUseGPUVerify supported GPU is available for computation (Since R2019b)
canUseParallelPoolVerify that parallel functions can use a parallel pool (Since R2020b)
usejavaDetermine if Java feature is available
javachkError message based on Java feature support


  • Manage Your Licenses

    Perform license management activities, such as activating and updating licenses, deactivating licenses, and linking licenses to your MathWorks Account.

  • Update an Existing Installation

    Update your current MATLAB installation.

  • Information About Your Installation

    MATLAB software can tell you what products are installed, their versions, and other information about your license and platform.

  • macOS Platform Conventions

    The documentation typically presents conventions for Microsoft® Windows® platforms. Therefore, some conventions and operations differ on the Macintosh platform from those that appear in the rest of the documentation.

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