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Call MATLAB from C

Run MATLAB® code from C programs, using mxArray


Functions in the Engine API for C work with the MATLAB mxArray data structure, which is defined in the C Matrix API. To write applications using modern C++ features, see Call MATLAB from C++.

Engine applications are standalone programs that allow you to call MATLAB from your own C/C++ programs, using MATLAB as a computation engine. To build an engine application, call the mex function.

Engine applications require an installed version of MATLAB; you cannot run the MATLAB engine on a machine that only has the MATLAB Runtime.

Engine API for C

EngineType for MATLAB engine
engOpenStart MATLAB engine session
engOpenSingleUseStart MATLAB engine session for single, nonshared use
engCloseQuit MATLAB engine session
engEvalStringEvaluate expression in string
engGetVariableCopy variable from MATLAB engine workspace
engPutVariablePut variable into MATLAB engine workspace
engGetVisibleDetermine visibility of MATLAB engine session
engSetVisibleShow or hide MATLAB engine session
engOutputBufferSpecify buffer for MATLAB output


Write Engine Applications

Build and Run Windows Applications

Build and Run Mac Applications

Build and Run Linux Applications

Build in Integrated Development Environment


Can't Start MATLAB Engine

What to do when MATLAB engine does not run.

Debug MATLAB Function Called by C Engine

How to verify MATLAB functions used in engine applications.

User Input Not Supported

Some MATLAB functions that interact with the user are not supported in engine applications.

Multithreaded Applications

MATLAB libraries are not thread-safe.