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mxCopyComplex8ToPtr (Fortran)

COMPLEX*8 values from Fortran array to pointer array

The function signature for mxCopyComplex8ToPtr is different in the Interleaved Complex API.

Fortran Syntax

Interleaved complex API

#include "fintrf.h"
integer*4 mxCopyComplex8ToPtr(y, pd, n)
complex*8 y(n)
mwPointer pd
mwSize n

Separate complex API

#include "fintrf.h"
subroutine mxCopyComplex8ToPtr(y, pr, pi, n)
complex*8 y(n)
mwPointer pr, pi
mwSize n

Input Arguments


COMPLEX*8 Fortran array


Pointer to a complex double-precision MATLAB® array


Pointer to the real data of a single-precision MATLAB array


Pointer to the imaginary data of a single-precision MATLAB array


Number of elements to copy

Output Arguments


Function status, returned as interger*4 when using the interleaved complex API.


mxCopyComplex8ToPtr copies n COMPLEX*8 values from the Fortran COMPLEX*8 array y into the MATLAB arrays pointed to by:

  • pd when using the interleaved complex API, built with the -R2018a option.

  • pr and pi when using the separate complex API, built with the -R2017b option.

Sets up standard Fortran arrays for passing as arguments to or from the computation routine of a MEX-file. Use this subroutine with Fortran compilers that do not support the %VAL construct.

Introduced before R2006a