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Develop, manage, analyze, and test MATLAB applications

MATLAB® Test™ provides tools for developing, executing, measuring, and managing dynamic tests of MATLAB code, including deployed applications and user-authored toolboxes. You can use the project-based quality dashboard to raise the visibility of code readiness to an intuitive summary level. The dashboard is an interactive, graphical summary of code quality metrics with clickable details for code analysis, code coverage, test results, and requirements.

MATLAB Test manager helps you organize and manage tests and results in your project by enabling you to group, save, and run custom test suites at scale. You can identify untested code paths using industry-standard code coverage metrics, such as condition, decision, and modified condition/decision coverage (MC/DC). Persistent test results enable you to optimize productivity by only rerunning select tests to verify code edits. You can reduce test execution time of large test suites by leveraging dependency-based test selection, by running tests in parallel, or within continuous integration systems.

You can verify the expected behavior of artifacts created with MATLAB Coder™ and MATLAB Compiler SDK™ using functional equivalence testing techniques. MATLAB Test enables you to meet specifications in regulated applications by tracing requirements (with Requirements Toolbox™). ​Support for industry standards is available with the IEC Certification Kit (for ISO® 26262, IEC 61508, and IEC 62304).

Get Started

Learn the basics of MATLAB Test

Create and Run MATLAB Tests

Create and run tests and test suites interactively and programmatically

Collect Condition, Decision, and MC/DC Coverage for MATLAB Code

Measure condition, decision, and MC/DC coverage for MATLAB code

Measure and Manage Project Quality

Collect metric data for code, tests, and requirements in MATLAB projects

Verify Generated Code and Deployed Code Artifacts

Verify generated C/C++ code and deployed code artifacts by using equivalence tests

Tool Qualification and Certification

Qualify MATLAB Test for IEC certification