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Update MathWorks Software on Offline Computer


Use this procedure only for R2018b and later. This process can be followed by license administrators only.

The optimal experience for installing an update is from within MATLAB® on a computer connected to the Internet. When that is not possible, however, license administrators can perform an update to an existing MATLAB installation on any computer by downloading the update package.

  • Each update contains all the fixes from previous updates.

  • Update packages require an unzip utility that supports ZIP64.

  • Offline installations use a noninteractive command-line process.

  • You must have write privileges to matlabroot (where MATLAB is installed) to run the command in this process.

  • You must be a license administrator to access the update links on

Download the update package to an online computer, and then install the package on the user's computer.

  1. Go to Downloads on the MathWorks® website.

  2. From the I WANT TO: menu, select Get Updates.

  3. Under Get Updates for MATLAB and Simulink Products, click Get Update Package for Offline Installation.

  4. Under Select Release, choose the release you want to download. If you don't see the release you want, click Show More.

  5. Generally, the downloads page detects the operating system of the computer you are on and shows that update package. If the update package shown is not for your operating system, click the down arrow on the button to select the appropriate package.

  6. Follow the instructions to download the update package to the user's computer or to a network share location.

  7. Unzip the update package to a new folder, For example, C:\temp\R2022b_Update1_Package. Make sure the folder is accessible to the user's computer.

  8. On the user's computer, close all instances of MATLAB.

  9. Install the update according to the instructions for your operating system. In the command for each platform, argument package_folder is the full path to the directory where you unzipped the update package.

    • Windows® Systems

      1. Go to a command prompt.

      2. Change folder to:


        matlabroot is the path to the MATLAB installation.

      3. Run update_installer.exe with the following command-line arguments:

        update_installer.exe -updatepackage package_folder
    • Linux®

      1. Open a terminal.

      2. Change folder to:


        matlabroot is the path to the MATLAB installation.

      3. Run update_installer with the following command-line arguments:

        ./ -updatepackage package_folder
    • macOS

      On the Mac, when you unzip, the contents of the ZIP file are extracted at the same directory level the unzip command is run at.

      1. Unzip the update installer, for example:

        unzip ./

        This creates the following folder for you:


      2. Run update_installer with the following command-line arguments:

        ./update_installer -updatepackage /Users/username/Downloads

Log Files

During the installation and activation of MATLAB and other MathWorks products, the MathWorks product installer creates a log file that can be used to obtain information on the installation processes.

The installation log file is named mathworks_%username%.log and the activation log file is named aws_%username%.log. In both cases, %username% is the person running the installer.

To locate your log files, see Where are the MATLAB Installation and Log Files Located?

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