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Install MATLAB Server Products

You can download server products such as MATLAB® Parallel Server™, MATLAB Web App Server™, and MATLAB Production Server™ from the MathWorks Downloads page. After installation, these products require additional steps to be executed to set up the server. For example, many server products require navigating to the installation directory and executing setup commands.

MATLAB Parallel Server

To install and set up MATLAB Parallel Server, choose an installation workflow from Choose Solution to Install and Configure MATLAB Parallel Server (MATLAB Parallel Server).

MATLAB Production Server

To install MATLAB Production Server, see Install MATLAB Production Server Product (MATLAB Production Server).

To set up the server instance, use either the command line or the dashboard interface.

MATLAB Web App Server

To install MATLAB Web App Server, see Install or Uninstall MATLAB Web App Server Product (MATLAB Web App Server).

To set up the server instance, see Set Up MATLAB Web App Server (MATLAB Web App Server).

MATLAB Online Server

To install MATLAB Online Server™, choose an installation procedure based on your environment from Installation (MATLAB Online Server).

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