Opening the Image Acquisition Toolbox Block Library

Using the imaqlib Command

To open the Image Acquisition Toolbox™ block library, enter


at the MATLAB® prompt. MATLAB displays the contents of the library in a separate window.

Using the Simulink Library Browser

To open the Image Acquisition Toolbox block library, start the Simulink® Library Browser and select the library from the list of available block libraries. You need to open a model to access the block library.

To start Simulink and create a new model, enter the following at the MATLAB command prompt:


In the Simulink start page, click Blank Model, and then Create Model. An empty, Editor window opens.

In the model Editor window, click the Library Browser button in the Simulation tab.

The Simulink Library Browser opens. Its left pane contains a tree of available block libraries in alphabetical order. Click the Image Acquisition Toolbox node.

To use a block, add it to an existing model or create a new model.