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Simscape Fluids Blocks that Support Fault Modeling

The table lists each block that supports faults, the fault subelement paths, and whether the block contains fault subelements that depend on parameter settings. You can use these when you interact with block faults from the MATLAB command line.

The fault subelement path is the location in a Simscape model where you can add a fault. Each block represents a model element with one or more subelements. Some of these subelement paths are only available for certain parameter configurations. See the block reference page for the specific block to determine the parameter dependencies for a given fault subelement.

Block NameFault Sub-element Path Parameter Dependency
2-Way Directional Valve (IL)

2-Way Directional Valve Area

3-Way Directional Valve (IL)3-Way Directional Valve AreaNo
4-Way 2-Position Directional Valve (IL)4-Way 2-Position Directional Valve AreaNo
4-Way 3-Position Directional Valve (IL)4-Way 3-Position Directional Valve AreaNo
Check Valve (IL)Check Valve AreaNo
Orifice (IL)Orifice AreaNo
Pressure Compensator Valve (IL)Pressure Compensator Valve AreaNo
Pressure Relief Valve (IL)Pressure Relief Valve AreaNo
Pressure-Reducing 3-Way Valve (IL)

Pressure-Reducing 3-Way Valve Area

Pressure-Reducing Valve (IL)

Pressure-Reducing Valve Area

Check Valve Area


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