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HDL Import

Import HDL code into the Simulink® modeling environment using the importhdl function

Use HDL import to import synthesizable HDL code into the Simulink modeling environment. When you run the importhdl function, HDL import parses the input HDL file and generates a Simulink model. When generating the model unconnected components that do not directly contribute to the output are removed. The model visually represents the HDL code in terms of functionality and behavior. You can compile and run the model to verify the functionality of the HDL code.

Round-trip code generation with HDL import is not recommended. Do not use HDL import to import the HDL code that was previously generated from a Simulink model by using the HDL Coder™ software. The Simulink model that you create is typically at a higher abstraction level. The model generated by HDL import might be at a lower abstraction level. The HDL code you generate from this model might not be usable for production code.

To generate production HDL code, develop your algorithm by using Simulink blocks, MATLAB® code, or Stateflow® charts. Then, use HDL Coder to generate code.


importhdlImport Verilog code and generate Simulink model