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The Fixed-Point Tool did not Propose Data Types


In some cases, the Fixed-Point Tool does not propose data types for the system under design, or for one or more blocks within the system.

Possible Solutions

Inadequate Range Information

The Fixed-Point Tool bases its data type proposition on range information collected through simulation, derivation, and design ranges that you provide. Before proposing data types, you must collect range information which the Fixed-Point Tool uses to propose data types.

To collect range information, in the Fixed-Point Tool, select the desired Range Collection Mode in the Setup pane, and then click Collect Ranges.

Inherited Output Data Types

Blocks with inherited output data types use internal block rules to determine the output data type of the block. To enable proposals for results that specify an inherited output data type, in the Fixed-Point Tool, under Settings, set the Convert inherited types setting to Yes.

If this setting is set to No, the Fixed-Point Tool marks the proposal for these blocks as N/A.

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