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Unsupported Simulink Software Features

Range analysis does not support the following Simulink® software features. Avoid using these unsupported features.

Not SupportedDescription

Variable-step solvers

The software supports only fixed-step solvers.

For more information, see Fixed Step Solvers in Simulink.

Callback functions

The software does not execute model callback functions during the analysis. The results that the analysis generates may behave inconsistently with the expected behavior.

  • If a model or any referenced model calls a callback function that changes any block parameters, model parameters, or workspace variables, the analysis does not reflect those changes.

  • Changing the storage class of base workspace variables on model callback functions or mask initializations is not supported.

  • Callback functions called prior to analysis, such as the PreLoadFcn or PostLoadFcn model callbacks, are fully supported.

Model callback functions

The software only supports model callback functions if the InitFcn callback of the model is empty.

Algebraic loops

The software does not support models that contain algebraic loops.

For more information, see Algebraic Loop Concepts.

Masked subsystem initialization functions

The software does not support models whose masked subsystem initialization modifies any attribute of any workspace parameter.

Variable-size signals

The software does not support variable-size signals. A variable-size signal is a signal whose size (number of elements in a dimension), in addition to its values, can change during model execution.

Arrays of buses

The software does not support arrays of buses.

For more information, see Group Nonvirtual Buses in Arrays of Buses.

Multiword fixed-point data types

The software does not support multiword fixed-point data types.

Nonfinite data

The software does not support nonfinite data (for example, NaN and Inf) and related operations.

Signals with nonzero sample time offset

The software does not support models with signals that have nonzero sample time offsets.

Models with no output ports

The software only supports models that have one or more output ports.


The software does not report initial or intermediate values for Stateflow® variables. Range analysis will only report the ranges at the output of the block.