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For questions or issues about your installation of Embedded Coder® Support Package for Linux® Applications, see Support Package Installation. Refer these guidelines to resolve known issues:

Communication between SOA applications running on different machines does not work

  • To establish communication between applications, all the ports for inbound and outbound UDP communication should be open.

  • The machines should be under the same intranet.

Docker permission issue

Application deployment failed due to permission issue

  • Target user should have read, write, and execute permissions for the deployment location.

Connection timed out error

To debug the connection timed out error that occur while trying to connect ensure the following:

  • Refer Target Computer Requirements to verify the target computer meets all the requirements.

  • Ensure the firewall does not block the ports used for connection.

  • For WSL targets, specify the eth0 interface IP as target IP address.

  • For WSL targets, default Linux distro will be used for connection. To set a specific distro as default, use the command

    wsl --setdefault <specific distro>
    For example, to set Ubuntu as default distro, run the following command on command prompt.
    wsl --setdefault Ubuntu

For more specific troubleshooting solutions, go to the MathWorks® Support website MathWorks Help Center website.