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Analyze Logged Messages

After you start an application, you can view the log messages of the application and custom log messages from the Linux target computer in the Log Viewer panel. Each logged message contains these fields:

  • Time when message is logged - Timestamp

  • Unique application id - AppId

  • Context id of the message. An application can have multiple contexts - CtxId

  • Type of the message. Possible types are Error, Warn, Fatal, Info, Verbose, and Debug - Type

  • Message text - Message

To filter the messages to view on the application, use Filter by: column.

To create an object for the log messages from the command line, use this command:

logObj = linux.LogMessages(<targetName>);
From the log messages object, you can get the required messages by using this command:
msgs = logObj.get('MessageFilter', <message>, 'AppIdFilter', 
<appId>, 'CtxIdFilter', <ctxId>, 'SeverityFilter', <severityLevel>)
To filter messages based on applications:
msgs_appName = logObj('AppIdFilter',<appId>);
To filter messages based on context:
msgs_ctx = logObj('AppIdFilter',<appId>,'CtxIdFilter',<ctxId>);
To filter messages based on severity:
msgs_severity = logObj('SeverityFilter',<SeverityLevel>);

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