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Model Configuration Parameters: Code Generation Identifiers

The Code Generation > Identifiers category includes parameters for configuring the identifiers in the generated code. These parameters require a Simulink® Coder™ license. Additional parameters available with an ERT-based target require an Embedded Coder® license.

On the Configuration Parameters dialog box, the following configuration parameters are on the Code Generation > Identifiers pane.


Global variables

Customize generated global variable identifiers.

Global types

Customize generated global type identifiers.

Field name of global types

Customize generated field names of global types.

Subsystem methods

Customize generated function names for subsystems and Simulink functions.

Subsystem method arguments

Customize generated function argument names for subsystems and Simulink functions.

Local temporary variables

Customize generated local temporary variable identifiers.

Local block output variables

Customize generated local block output variable identifiers.

Constant macros

Customize generated constant macro identifiers.

Shared utilities identifier format

Customize shared utility identifiers.

Minimum mangle length

Specify the minimum number of characters for generating name-mangling text to help avoid name collisions.

Maximum identifier length

Specify maximum number of characters in generated function, type definition, variable names.

System-generated identifiers

Specify whether the code generator uses shorter, more consistent names for the $N token in system-generated identifiers.

Generate scalar inlined parameters as

Control expression of scalar inlined parameter values in the generated code.

Use the same reserved names as Simulation Target

Specify whether to use the same reserved names as those specified in the Simulation Target pane.

Reserved names

Enter the names of variables or functions in the generated code that match the names of variables or functions specified in custom code.

Header guard prefix

Specify custom text to prepend to header guards in the generated code.

The following configuration parameters are under the Advanced parameters.


Shared checksum length

Specify character length of $C token.

EMX array utility functions identifier format

Customize generated identifiers for emxArray (embeddable mxArray) utility functions.

EMX array types identifier format

Customize generated identifiers for emxArray (embeddable mxArray ) types.

Custom token text

Specify text to insert for $U token.

Duplicate enumeration member names

Select the diagnostic action to take if the code generator detects two enumeration types with same member names. This parameter applies to only enumeration with imported data scope and the same storage type and value.

Signal naming

Specify rules for naming signals in generated code.



Parameter naming

Specify rule for naming parameters in generated code.



#define naming

Specify rule for naming #define parameters (defined with storage class Define (Custom)) in generated code.



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