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Setup Interface to QEMU Emulator

Embedded Coder® interface to QEMU emulator requires a third party software. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

  1. Enter the following command at MATLAB® command prompt to open QEMU Emulator Interface Setup window.


  2. In the Install third-party software window, Click Download in the details section. This navigates you to the web page to download QEMU.

  3. Select the installer for windows and complete the QEMU setup.


    If you are using the Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) machine, enter the following command for download and installation of the qemu-system-arm file.

    sudo apt-get install qemu-system-arm

  4. Click Next to validate.

  5. In the Validate installation window, click Browse and locate the QEMU Emulator installation folder path.

  6. Click Validate.

  7. Click Finish, If the validation of QEMU Emulator is successful.

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