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DDS Blockset System Requirements

To create and model DDS applications, DDS Blockset requires:


  • Simulink®

To build and deploy DDS applications, DDS Blockset requires Embedded Coder® (requires Simulink Coder™ and MATLAB Coder ).

Supported Platforms for DDS Blockset

You can run DDS Blockset on the following platforms:


  • Windows® — Windows 10 recommended.

  • Linux® — Ubuntu 18.04 recommended.

  • Mac OS X

Supported Compilers to Build and Deploy DDS applications

You can build and deploy DDS applications by using a C++ complier specific to your platform, CMake, and additional vendor setup:

C++ Compilers


Download and install CMake 3.15.5+.

Additional Vendor Setup


You can generate code without additional setup for RTI. To build and compile an executable, you must have RTI Connext 6.0.0+ installed.

Download and install RTI Connext.


No additional setup required. eProsima works out-of-the-box with DDS Blockset.