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Database Toolbox

Interact with relational and NoSQL databases

Database Toolbox™ provides functions and an app for interacting with relational and NoSQL databases. The toolbox supports any ODBC-compliant or JDBC-compliant relational database and provides NoSQL support for Apache® Cassandra®, MongoDB®, and Neo4j®.

Native interfaces for MySQL®, PostgreSQL, and SQLite provide functionality that streamlines interaction with your database. The interfaces ship with third-party drivers that connect to your database in deployed and cloud environments without additional setup or installation.

Database Toolbox provides direct read and write workflows for novice users and fine-grained control for advanced users who are familiar with SQL. With the Database Explorer app, you can explore relational data interactively and generate MATLAB® code to automate or operationalize database workflows. For large data workflows, you can run query filters directly on your SQL queries. The toolbox has an Object Relational Mapper (ORM), which provides a layer between MATLAB and SQL queries, so your MATLAB objects can interact with your database tables.

Get Started

Learn the basics of Database Toolbox

Relational Databases

Explore data in databases such as Microsoft Access®, Microsoft® SQL Server®, and Oracle®

Columnar Database

Explore data in wide column database using Apache Cassandra database C++ interface

Document Database

Explore and manage collections of documents in MongoDB using MongoDB C++ interface

Graph Database

Explore, manage, store, and analyze graph data in Neo4j database using MATLAB interface to Neo4j or Database Toolbox Interface for Neo4j Bolt Protocol

Database Application Deployment

Create and deploy standalone database application for sharing MATLAB code with others

Troubleshooting in Database Toolbox

Resolve unexpected issues in Database Toolbox