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Curve Fitting Tools

Curve Fitting Toolbox™ software allows you to work in two different environments:

  • An interactive environment, with the Curve Fitting app and the Spline Tool

  • A programmatic environment that allows you to write object-oriented MATLAB® code using curve and surface fitting methods

To open the Curve Fitting app or Spline Tool, enter one of the following:

To list the Curve Fitting Toolbox functions for use in MATLAB programming, type

help curvefit

The code for any function can be opened in the MATLAB Editor by typing

edit function_name

Brief, command line help for any function is available by typing

help function_name

Complete documentation for any function is available by typing

doc function_name

You can change the way any toolbox function works by copying and renaming its file, examining your copy in the editor, and then modifying it.

You can also extend the toolbox by adding your own files, or by using your code in combination with functions from other toolboxes, such as Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox or Optimization Toolbox software.