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Register and Reference Utility Library

The MWComUtil library provided with MATLAB® Compiler SDK™ is freely distributable. The MWComUtil library includes seven classes and three enumerated types. These utilities are required for array processing, and they provide type definitions used in data conversion.

The library is contained in the file mwcomutil.dll. It must be registered once on each machine that uses components created with the compiler.

If you are on a development machine that does not have an installation of MATLAB Compiler SDK, register the MWComUtil library at the system prompt with the command:

mwregsvr mwcomutil.dll

To use the types in the library, make sure that you reference the MWComUtil library in your current project.


You must specify the full path of the component when calling mwregsvr, or make the call from the folder in which the component resides. mwregsvr.exe is supplied with the MATLAB Runtime.