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Class MWArg

The MWArg class passes a generic argument into a compiled class method. This class passes an argument for which the data conversion flags are changed for that one argument. This class has three properties/methods:

Property Value As Variant

The Value property stores the actual argument to pass. Any type that can be passed to a compiled method is valid for this property.

Property MWFlags As MWFlags

Stores a reference to an MWFlags object. This property sets or gets the array formatting and data conversion flags for a particular argument. Each MWArg object has its own MWFlags property. This property overrides the value of any flags set on the object whose methods are called.

Sub Clone(ppArg As MWArg)

Creates a copy of an MWArg object.





Reference to an uninitialized MWArg object to receive the copy

Return Value



Clone allocates a new MWArg object and creates a deep copy of the object's contents. Call this function when a separate object is required instead of a shared copy of an existing object reference.