Limitations and Unsupported Functionality

When packaging a MATLAB® app into a web app, there are functional limitations to consider. Using certain functions may result in an error or unexpected behavior. The list of limitations and unsupported functionality specific to web apps consists of:

  1. Multiwindow apps

    1. Multiple calls to figure or uifigure are not supported.

    2. Dialog boxes: dialog, msgbox, errordlg, warndlg, helpdlg, listdlg, questdlg, inputdlg, uisetcolor, uisetfont are not supported. However uialert, uiconfirm, and uiprogressdlg are supported.

  2. Although you can upload and download files from a local system in a deployed web app using uigetfile and uiputfile, you cannot download files while an external application is writing them. Opening a folder selection dialog box on the client using uigetdir is not supported.

  3. Setting the WindowState property on a figure has no effect on a web app.

  4. Printing: print, printpreview

  5. Graphics root object properties: MonitorPositions, PointerLocation, ScreenDepth, ScreenPixelsPerInch, ScreenSize

  6. Figure properties: CloseRequestFcn, Position, InnerPosition, Resize, Visible

  7. System Commands: computer, ispc, isunix, ismac, and listfonts. While these function will execute, they will not return client-side state information. Only server-side state information is returned.

  8. Tooltips: Data tips for graphics are not supported.

  9. Web Access: Opening a web page using the web function is not supported.

These limitations are in addition to App Designer graphics limitations. For more information, see Displaying Graphics in App Designer (MATLAB).

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