System Requirements for MATLAB Web App Server

Supported Platforms

Windows®, Linux®, macOS

Hardware Requirements

MATLAB® Web App Server can be installed on all hardware platforms and operating systems that MATLAB supports. The hardware requirements are:

  • Minimum 60 GB of disk capacity to accommodate the server software installation and log files.

  • Minimum 1GB RAM per worker. The server only supports a maximum of 32 workers.

  • Allocation of 1 processor core (or virtual core) per 4 workers; 2 cores minimum.

Software Requirements

  • An installation of MATLAB Runtime. The MATLAB Runtime version number must match the version of MATLAB you used to package the web app archive (.ctf file).

  • MATLAB Compiler™ is required to package MATLAB apps as web app archives (.ctf files) to run on the MATLAB Web App Server.

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