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Transmission Over MIMO Channel Model with Delay Profile TDL

Display the waveform spectrum received through a tapped delay line (TDL) multi-input/multi-output (MIMO) channel model from TR 38.901 Section 7.7.2 using an nrTDLChannel System object.

Define the channel configuration structure using an nrTDLChannel System object. Use delay profile TDL-C from TR 38.901 Section 7.7.2, a delay spread of 300 ns, and UE velocity of 30 km/h:

v = 30.0;                    % UE velocity in km/h
fc = 4e9;                    % carrier frequency in Hz
c = physconst('lightspeed'); % speed of light in m/s
fd = (v*1000/3600)/c*fc;     % UE max Doppler frequency in Hz

tdl = nrTDLChannel;
tdl.DelayProfile = 'TDL-C';
tdl.DelaySpread = 300e-9;
tdl.MaximumDopplerShift = fd;

Create a random waveform of 1 subframe duration with 1 antenna.

SR = 30.72e6;
T = SR * 1e-3;
tdl.SampleRate = SR;
tdlinfo = info(tdl);
Nt = tdlinfo.NumTransmitAntennas;
txWaveform = complex(randn(T,Nt),randn(T,Nt));

Transmit the input waveform through the channel.

rxWaveform = tdl(txWaveform);

Plot the received waveform spectrum.

analyzer = spectrumAnalyzer('SampleRate',tdl.SampleRate);
analyzer.Title = ['Received Signal Spectrum ' tdl.DelayProfile];

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