Battery Pack Design

What Is Battery Pack Design?

Battery pack design is the foundation of the battery technology development workflow. The battery pack must provide the energy requirements of your system, and the pack architecture will inform the design and implementation of the battery management system and the thermal management system. For example, each parallel assembly connected in series within a battery pack requires a balancing circuit, and so the more parallel assemblies a pack has, the more cell balancing control signals are required in the battery management system.

Software tools enable battery pack design engineers to perform design space exploration and analyze design tradeoffs. The use of simulation models of battery packs helps engineers evaluate simulation performance and select the appropriate level of model fidelity for subsequent battery management and thermal management system design.

A graph showing progression of cells in relation to number of cells and energy in kWh. As number of cells increase, energy increases. The five types shown, from smallest to largest are cell, parallel assembly, module, module assembly, and pack.

Moving from an individual cell to a battery pack.

>> import simscape.battery.builder.* 


>> pouchGeometry = PouchGeometry(); 

>> batteryCell = Cell(Geometry = pouchGeometry); 

>> batteryParallelAssembly = ParallelAssembly (Cell = batteryCell, numParallelCells = 3); 

>> batteryModule = Module(ParallelAssembly = batteryParallelAssembly, numSeriesAssemblies = 11); 

>> batteryModuleAssembly = ModuleAssembly(Module = repmat(batteryModule,1,2)); 

>> batteryPack = Pack(ModuleAssembly = repmat(batteryModuleAssembly,1,5)); 


>> buildBattery(batteryPack, "LibraryName", "packLibrary"); 

Define and build a Simscape model of a battery pack in as few as eight lines of code.

Simscape Battery™, a new product in the Simscape™ portfolio, has been developed to provide a technology development framework that is assembled specifically to create a bridge between cell and system.

The bridge directly supports upskilling as well as design exploration and design rigor, meaning you can navigate the battery system technology development cycle rapidly and with confidence.

With Simscape Battery, you can:

  • Conduct a battery pack design workflow programmatically using a MATLAB® API
  • Define a battery pack structure in as few as six lines of code
  • Visualize the pack geometry and topology at each stage of the design
  • Define and visualize the simulation strategy
  • Define cell format, stacking, and topology
  • Define electrical and thermal effects
  • Keep track of volume, mass, and dimensions
  • Automatically create a Simscape model of the battery pack in one line of code

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