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Battery Pack Modeling, Simulation, and Deployment on a Multicore Real-Time Target

By Javier Gazzarri, Nishant Shrivastava, Robyn Jackey, and Craig Borghesani, MathWorks

Battery management system (BMS) design requires sophisticated models that mimic the electrochemical behavior of the battery cell. With modern battery systems comprising hundreds of cells, it is important to employ a modeling and simulation approach that is capable of handling numerous simultaneous instances of the basic unit cell while maintaining real-time performance.

In this paper, a model is used to represent a battery pack and features cell creation, placement, and connection using automation scripts. In addition, the paper presents an assessment of model partitioning schemes for real-time execution on multicore targets. The resulting model is useful in the generation of multiple operating scenarios for the development of charging, balancing, and safety related procedures.

Copyright © 2014 by The MathWorks, Inc. Published by SAE International, with permission.

This paper was presented at SAE 2014 Aerospace Systems and Technology Conference.

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Published 2014