Use MATLAB in the Cloud

Run in different cloud environments from MathWorks Cloud to public clouds including AWS, Azure, and others

MathWorks Cloud

MathWorks Cloud provides you with instant access to MATLAB® and other products and services you are licensed for hosted on MathWorks managed cloud infrastructure. With MATLAB Online, you can use MATLAB in a web browser without installing, configuring, or managing any software. MathWorks Cloud also provides MATLAB Drive, giving you the ability to store, access, and work with your files from anywhere. You can access MathWorks Cloud solutions anywhere across different devices, use them to teach and learn, and to incorporate MATLAB analytics for a variety of applications.

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Public Clouds

Use MATLAB on virtual machines in public cloud environments like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft® Azure®. These vendors provide access to on-demand computing resources. They also offer wide-ranging, prebuilt services for data storage, data streaming, elastic scaling, load balancing, security, and more.

If you are not a cloud expert, or if you want a head start, use a MathWorks published reference architecture. Templates in these reference architectures automatically create and configure the cloud infrastructure for running MATLAB. You can also adapt or extend the reference architectures to better meet your specific needs.

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Use MATLAB in a Container

Build a Docker container image to run MATLAB on public or private clouds.

MATLAB Dockerfile

Create a MATLAB container image with the MATLAB Dockerfile reference architecture, which is available on GitHub.

Deep Learning Container Image

Get a prebuilt container image that contains MATLAB, Deep Learning Toolbox™, and hardware support for NVIDIA® GPUs, and is available on NVIDIA GPU Cloud.