You have data from sensors and other devices. You know you can use machine learning to predict outcomes, and you want to build a real-time system that uses a predictive model.

Where do you start? A MATLAB® workflow can help.

Read this white paper to learn the what and how of predictive analytics:

  • Decision automation systems: embedded predictive models in self-driving vehicles and HVAC systems
  • Decision support systems: predictive maintenance of jet engines and industrial equipment
  • Predictive analytic methods: machine learning, deep learning, regression, clustering and more.
  • Big data and big technical data: innovative analytics systems based on sensor, video, audio telemetry and business transaction data
  • Do-it-yourself data science: how engineers build and deploy predictive analytics without help from data scientists
  • Four basic steps: for building a predictive analytics application and putting it into production
  • Illustrative examples: case studies including Shell Chemical, Safran, BuildingIQ, and Cornell University

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