Video and Webinar Series

Using Unreal Engine with Simulink

This tutorial series will walk you through the process of connecting your Simulink vehicle model to an Unreal Engine scene. It will cover how to use the pre-built scenes as well as how to create custom scenes and compile them into standalone executables. Links are provided to the associated help pages for more information.

Using Pre-built Scenes Connect your model to one of the Unreal Engine scenes that ships with Vehicle Dynamics Blockset.

Use Unreal Engine with Simulink, Part 2: Preparations for Creating Custom Scenes Download and set up the files needed to create and connect to a custom Unreal Engine scene.

Co-simulating with Unreal Editor Co-simulate Simulink and the Unreal Editor to perform tests with a custom scene.

Compiling Custom Scenes Compile your custom scenes into a standalone executable.

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