Graphics Challenge

When I teach the MATLAB graphics class for new technical support engineers at MathWorks, I have one major exercise for them to do. This is that exercise. This is a good exercise as it involves a lot of skills:

  • Lines only have one color
  • Using NaN in plotting
  • Using SET
  • Using convenince functions like XLIM
  • Difference between PLOT and LINE
  • Setting callbacks like WindowButtonMotionFcn
  • Managing state
  • Using currentpoint property of an axis
  • Using a create function and an update function
  • Choosing good architecture to simplify implementation

There is a lot going on in this example, I believe that if someone can accomplish this exercise on their own, in a clean, well formated manner, they are well versed for many graphics challenges in MATLAB.

Part 1 Introduces graphics challenge.

Part 2 Shows first part of solution to graphics challenge.

Part 3 Shows final part of solution to graphics challenge.