Frequently Asked Questions

Downloads – General

How do I resolve the error: "Unable to locate required installation files?"

See When running the MATLAB installer why do I see the error "Unable to locate required installation files?”

How do I install MATLAB on an offline machine when the installer downloaded from the MathWorks website does not contain the necessary files?

See How can I get MATLAB installation files for use on an offline machine?

How do I burn an ISO image on a CD or DVD for MathWorks products?

See How do I install MathWorks products using an ISO image.

Why am I unable to see the most current release?

To download the most current products and updates, your license must have an up-to-date subscription to MathWorks Software Maintenance Service. If your subscription has lapsed, you see only the products that were available during your subscription period. You cannot see or download new products. Contact sales to renew your Software Maintenance Service subscription.

Why am I unable to download my licensed products?

To download your licensed products and updates:

  1. You must be either the administrator or an end user associated with a license for whom the administrator has granted download permissions.
  2. You must have an up-to-date subscription to MathWorks Software Maintenance Service to download new releases once they are available. (You can check your service end date or renew your software maintenance service in the License Center.)

How can system administrators enable end users to download product updates directly from

To enable end users to download products:

  1. In the License Center, select the license for which you want to enable download permissions.
  2. Update permissions on the Manage Users

How can I download if my Internet Explorer browser blocks downloads?

If your download does not begin automatically, click the browser's information bar (top) and choose Allow Downloads. Click the Download button again to download products.

Student and Home Use Software

How do I download the MATLAB student-use software or MATLAB Home?

  • When you purchase MATLAB Home or MATLAB student-use software through the MathWorks Store, you receive a confirmation email that contains the download link. You can also find the link in your MathWorks Account.
  • For student-use software, R2013b and later, if you received a product package when you purchased the software, follow the instructions on the product package.
  • For MATLAB student-use software R2013a and earlier:
    1. Log in to your MathWorks Account.
    2. Enter the serial number or activation key to add the license to your list.
    3. Click Download to download the software.