Embedded Source Code Analysis and Verification

MathWorks code verification products automate and streamline embedded software development and test. They support a stringent source code analysis and verification process that enables you to detect and prove the absence of run-time errors such as overflow, divide by zero, and out-of-bounds array access without program execution, code instrumentation, or test.

Develop Code That Complies with MISRA-C/C++ and JSF++

MathWorks products speed the identification of coding rule violations by eliminating the need for manual checks. Coding rule violations can be traced directly to the source code, where you fix them within the same environment that you used to develop the code. Polyspace® products support Eclipse, Visual Studio, and other widely used development environments.

Objectively Measure Code Quality

Polyspace source code analysis and verification products analyze code, pinpoint reliability problems, and identify problematic code constructs. They give you thorough, objective metrics that you can use to develop consistent, predictable embedded software for high-integrity applications. You know when code will not fail, mathematically prove the absence of certain types of run-time errors without compiling the code or developing test cases, and objectively measure code quality.

In this way, you can ensure compliance with standards and regulations, streamlining certification of your embedded systems to IEC 61508, ISO 26262, EN 50128, or DO-178B.