Getting Started

How We Work

MathWorks Consulting Services delivers customized engagements that are sized and scoped to match your business goals. Services range from jumpstarts in which we get your small team up and running, to in-depth projects in which we work across your enterprise in support of a workflow, deployment, or business-critical application.


MathWorks Consulting Services employs a flexible engagement model. We work onsite anywhere in the world or at MathWorks Consulting offices as best suits your needs. We adapt our project scheduling to the demands of your timeline.

Experience and expertise

MathWorks consultants have industry backgrounds, MATLAB and Simulink expertise, and have helped hundreds of organizations from a broad range of industries. We leverage the collective knowledge and experience of our worldwide consultants and our MATLAB and Simulink product developers and put it to work on your project.

Knowledge transfer

The end goal of every MathWorks Consulting project is to strengthen your skills and leave you self-sufficient and in control of your own processes, tools, and design work. MathWorks Consulting works to build your team’s proficiency, allowing you to take full advantage of product features and capabilities.


Working with MathWorks Consulting Services accelerates your progression through the learning curve when adopting new tools and workflows. The result is a rapid return on your investment. Applying lessons learned from past projects, we help you jump to not only the right answer, but to the best answer. MathWorks consultants work with teams to develop standards of usage and best practices that ensure productivity and maintainability and allow for the design, development, and deployment of increasingly complex systems across an organization.

Meet Our Team

Worldwide, MathWorks Consultants have MATLAB and Simulink expertise and industry experience to solve technology and business challenges. 

"MathWorks Consulting’s support is among the best I’ve seen; the consultants are fast and exceptionally knowledgeable. We’ve already seen a positive return on investment from cost savings, and now we have more budget and time to complete more machine learning projects that will provide similar benefits."

Dr. Michael Kohlert, Mondi