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Learn MATLAB and Simulink at your own pace

New to MATLAB and Simulink? Want to sharpen your skills? Learn from the experts how to use MATLAB, Simulink, and add-on products for data analysis, modeling, and simulation. Courses in the Online Training Suite are built directly in the software for real-life practice.

With an annual Online Training Suite subscription, you can:

  • Get one year of unlimited access to self-paced, interactive courses
  • Learn just what you need when you need it
  • Do exercises directly in MATLAB and Simulink
  • Get assessed as you code

“I found the course really interesting, and even though I had no previous knowledge, it guides you very well. It is very entertaining, since it combines videos, explanations and examples.”

Jon Eguskiza Ugarte, Metrology Engineer, Tekniker

83% would recommend MATLAB online learning to a colleague

Curate Your Path

The Online Training Suite offers learning options to fit your schedule—from brief topics to entire courses.

  • Gain a baseline knowledge of how to use MATLAB and Simulink and get started quickly
  • Grow your skills and complete your work in less time with automated tasks
  • Available 24/7 to accommodate your schedule
  • Access from anywhere through your web browser

MATLAB and Simulink licenses are not required to take courses.

Video length is 1:03

“I wish I could have had MATLAB Fundamentals when I was learning to use MATLAB! The course is extremely well done and I would strongly recommend it.”

Carolina Tropini, Stanford University

Available Courses


MATLAB and Simulink Core

MATLAB Fundamentals

Learn core MATLAB functionality for data analysis, modeling, and programming.

Simulink Fundamentals

Learn how to use Simulink, a graphical simulation tool for modeling dynamic physical systems.

MATLAB for Data Processing and Visualization

Create custom visualizations and automate your data analysis tasks.

MATLAB Programming Techniques

Improve the robustness, flexibility, and efficiency of your MATLAB code.

Data Science

MATLAB Applications

Machine Learning with MATLAB

Explore data and build predictive models.

Deep Learning with MATLAB

Learn the theory and practice of building deep neural networks with real-life image and sequence data.

Image Processing with MATLAB

Learn practical image processing workflows in MATLAB

Signal Processing with MATLAB

Learn how to perform signal processing in MATLAB

Computational Math

Computational Mathematics

Introduction to Symbolic Math with MATLAB

Get started quickly with an introduction to symbolic math.

Solving Nonlinear Equations with MATLAB

Use root finding methods to solve nonlinear equations.

Solving Ordinary Differential Equations with MATLAB

Use MATLAB ODE solvers to numerically solve ordinary differential equations.

Introduction to Linear Algebra

Use matrix methods to solve systems of linear equations and perform eigenvalue decomposition.

Introduction to Statistical Methods with MATLAB

Get started quickly with basic descriptive statistics and data fitting.