Model-Based Calibration Toolbox


Model-Based Calibration Toolbox

Model and calibrate complex powertrain systems

Calibration Applications

Model and calibrate powertrain components to optimize performance.

Calibration Workflow

Model-based calibration workflow diagram showing design of experiments leading into physical testing and high-fidelity simulation, followed by data modeling, calibration generation, and, finally, the results: an accurate component model and efficient calibration.

Design of Experiments

Characterize your system’s response with an efficient test plan that uses proven experimental designs, including space-filling designs, optimal designs, and classical designs.

Analyze and Fit Data to Statistical Models

Accurately represent your data with statistical models, including Gaussian process models, radial basis functions, and user-defined nonlinear models by using the MBC Model Fitting app.

Generate Optimal Calibrations

Maximize component efficiency across the entire operating range by generating optimal steady-state or transient calibrations for filling lookup tables using the MBC Optimization app.