Image Processing Toolbox Apps

Image Processing apps enable you to quickly access common tasks through an interactive interface. By using graphical utilities such as buttons and sliders to access image processing functions, you can efficiently explore and converge on a solution for a particular image processing problem.

These apps are included in the toolbox. You can find them, along with the apps for your other installed products, in the Apps tab on the MATLAB Toolstrip. In addition, you can find many useful apps on the MATLAB File Exchange that have been authored by the MATLAB User Community using the App Building Blocks.

The Color Thresholder app lets you create a binary mask image by using different color spaces. You can save the binary image to the workspace and also generate the MATLAB ® code required to create the mask.
The Image Registration App provides a comprehensive look at the various methods of image registration available in MATLAB. Explore the different methods including feature-based methods, intensity-based methods, and non-rigid methods.
The Image Viewer app lets you display and explore images while performing some common image processing tasks.
The Video Viewer app lets you display and explore videos and image sequences. You can animate the display of frames in an image sequence or get a static view of all the frames at one time.
With the Image Segmentation app, you can preview how images will look after segmenting them with intensity-based approaches as well as techniques such as graph cut, circle finding, and region growing.

File Exchange Apps

You can create your own MATLAB apps and share them with others who use MATLAB. Community members frequently share MATLAB apps through File Exchange.

Using the SegmentTool app, you can interactively explore different approaches to segment or mask your image with immediate results.
The MorphTool app lets you evaluate and select morphological operators for image processing.
With the 3D Slicer app, you can display and explore 3D images by visualizing planar or 3D slices. You can also display three orthogonal slices, either in 3D or in three subplots.
The Image Registration GUI app lets you interactively align images using image registration.