3-D Crane

Laboratory model of industrial gantry crane


  • Highly nonlinear MIMO system for real-time experiments
  • Behavior similar to industrial gantry crane
  • Integration with MATLAB and Simulink for real-time controller generation
  • Customizable size up to 3x3x3 meters
  • Movement in three perpendicular directions
  • Illustration of complex nonlinear algorithms


The 3-D Crane is a laboratory system imitating an industrial gantry crane. The size of the model is customizable and can be as large as 3x3x3 meters long. The crane is controlled via computer and can move independently in three perpendicular directions. The current load deviations from the equilibrium down position are permanently processed by a control algorithm due to the unique 2-D angle measuring unit.

The 3-D Crane control system is the perfect tool for research and teaching at technical universities in the field of automatic control and mechatronic systems. 3-D Crane uses MATLAB and Simulink to develop and run the controllers. Simulink, Simulink Coder, and the Real-Time Windows Target generate real-time controllers. Additional MathWorks toolboxes, such as the Fuzzy Logic Toolbox, Simulink Design Optimization, and Neural Network Toolbox, can also be applied.

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