PACE Licensing

PACE provides developer tools to securely monetize applications created in MATLAB


  • Robust licensing to control and monetize the use of your products
  • Seamlessly integrates with MATLAB
  • Supports license types that work for your customers: perpetual, subscription, rent-to-own, multi-seat, trial, NFR, or time-based
  • Use PACE's built-in activation system to create/distribute licenses on standard e-commerce platforms or connect directly to its API


With ever more critical IP being developed in MATLAB® applications and the growth in importance of artificial intelligence (AI) models, management of the resulting MATLAB executable is becoming more important. When delivering revenue-earning commercial IP or mission-critical code, management and security tools that ensure only authorized users can have access to applications and models grow in importance.

MATLAB Compiler™ enables wide distribution of applications as it creates executable files that can be run as a standalone application.  In some settings, this can present a challenge for developers and their stakeholders. Once executables are compiled and distributed, they can be shared with unlimited users without any restrictions.  This may be challenging in some commercially or operationally sensitive applications.

To this end, PACE Anti-Piracy has developed support for MATLAB, extending its industry-leading copy protection and license management platform to support creative developers who deliver via MATLAB. PACE Licensing provides an add-on capability enabling users of MATLAB Compiler to better manage their executable(s) and monetize their applications.


PACE Anti-Piracy

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Required Products


  • Macintosh
  • Windows


  • E-mail

Product Type

  • Lifecycle Management Software


  • Desktop, Web and Enterprise Deployment


  • Automotive
  • Financial Services
  • Industrial Automation and Machinery
  • Software and Internet