Fluorescent laser scanning microscope measurement control and analysis


  • Galvanometer and 3D acousto-optic scanner control in multiphoton microscopes
  • Integrated hardware control (scanners, PMTs, focusing, camera, etc.)  
  • 2D/3D multi-ROI measurement modes supporting neural network and dendritic imaging 
  • Advanced scanning modes extended by motion-correction algorithm for studies in behaving animals 
  • Efficient batch processing of a large amounts of measurement data obtained  
  • Multiple software extension modules


MES software is a MATLAB toolbox, designed based on day-to-day lab experiences in the field of neuroscience and cellular and network imaging. The latest version offers new scanning features and improved overall usability. Our developer team is collaborating with researchers from various fields to provide you with software that makes experimental work efficient.

MES is measurement control and analysis software used with the Femtonics FEMTO3D Atlas all-in-one 3D microscope solution. The FEMTO3D Atlas combines high-tech science and engineering in 3D measurements. It implements and goes beyond the traditional galvo and resonant scanner-based imaging functions and combines them with a unique fast 3D imaging feature, providing an All-in-one solution. The FEMTO3D Atlas enables its users to scan neuronal, dendritic, or other biological processesing 3D, up to a million times faster than classical scanning methods, at a preserved two-photon resolution.

MES can be extended with modules offering special measurement or analysis functions. We offer the MES Premium module pack incorporating functions such as optogenetics, automatic cell selection in Z-stack, data capture automation, photostimulation mapping, and two-channel ratio imaging analysis calculations.

MES stores data in files based on MATLAB incorporating all metadata. Besides using MES’ built in analysis features, users can freely access content from the MATLAB IDE as we provide reference to the access functions.



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