FMI Blockset for Simulink

Enables FMI compliant models to be imported and run in Simulink using cosimulation


  • Supports the FMI open standard for cosimulation
  • Import models from over 30 tools into Simulink
  • Configure the models in Simulink with an intuitive interface


The FMI Blockset for Simulink provides support for the FMI open standard for cosimulation. Users can import models that follow the FMI open standard (Functional Mockup Units, or FMUs) into Simulink® for cosimulation.


The FMI Blockset for Simulink contains blocks that handle the communication between Simulink and the FMI compliant model. Each version of FMI is supported by a separate block. There is a graphical interface that allows the user to select and configure an FMU within the Simulink model. The interface supports the loading and configuration of the model for cosimulation. It also provides access to the model parameters, and it includes support for converting units and linking parameters to the MATLAB® workspace.




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