Vehicle and electronic control module calibration and data acquisition system


  • Easy-to-use setup and configurable views for calibration and measurement data
  • Graphical data acquisition display objects
  • Flexible data recorders
  • Integrated ECU interfaces with calibration manager
  • Extensive post-processing analysis tools
  • API available to facilitate integration of VISION into existing or custom applications


ATI VISION software is an integrated calibration and data acquisition tool that collects signals from the ECU and external sources, measures relationships between inputs and outputs, and enables real-time calibration and modification of closed loop control systems. It also time aligns and analyzes all information, manages calibration data changes, and programs the ECU. ATI’s VISION is not a closed system. It can adapt to legacy systems or tools that customers already use. You can convert files to/from VISION for data sharing or, in many cases, use hardware supplied by other vendors. For physical access to ECUs, VISION supports a full range of hardware interfaces.

VISION is designed to help development engineers. It works in the vehicle (or dynamometer installation) to optimize and calibrate complex control strategies that run onboard the most advanced automotive microcontrollers. VISION is an ActiveX Automation Controller and can open sessions of MATLAB within the VISION scripting environment. Users are able to run complicated models, analysis procedures, and MATLAB code and share the results with VISION. In addition, VISION data files can be exported to MAT-file format and loaded into MATLAB for detailed analysis.

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