Chopped images...

This section allows to chop a large dataset to smaller pieces and restore them back. This feature may be useful when needed to parallel segmentation of the large dataset to several workstations.

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The export command chops the large dataset into smaller pieces.

The masks saved in the Matlab format with Mask[FN].mask_ template, where [FN] is a filename of the corresponding image dataset.


The import command restores previously chopped or cropped datasets.

There are two modes available:

To proceed please choose the mode and types of the files to combine. After that press the Select files button to choose the files. The filenames for the models and masks are automatically generated from the filenames of the selected images:

Important! If the Images checkbox is selected please select only files with images and do not select models nor mask files. The filenames for models and masks will be automatically generated. However, if models or masks are combined for the opened dataset (i.e. the Images checkbox is unselected) the actual model or mask filenames have to be selected.

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