Microscopy Image Browser Installation

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Run Microscopy Image Browser under Matlab environment

  1. Download Matlab distribution of the program (im_browser.zip)
  2. Unzip and copy im_browser files to im_browser directory in your Scripts folder. For example, c:\Matlab\Scripts\im_browser\
  3. Start Matlab
  4. Add im_browser starting directory (for example, c:\Matlab\Scripts\im_browser\) into Matlab path Matlab->Home tab->Set path...->Add folder...->Save, or alternatively use the pathtool function from Matlab command window
  5. Type im_browser in the matlab command window and hit the enter button to start the program
  6. Check System Requirements for further details about optional steps, such as use of Fiji, OMERO or use of DIPlib filters.
  7. Access help and tutorials from the menu of im_browser: im_browser->Menu->Help->Help

Run Microscopy Image Browser as standalone (Windows, x64 bit)

  1. Download a single executable file that installs MIB (MIB_distrib.exe).
  2. Run MIB_distrib.exe to install MIB to your computer (requires administrative privileges). The required MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR) environment will be automatically installed during the process. Click here for detailed instructions .
  3. To start, please type MIB in the Start menu
  4. Access help and tutorials from the menu of MIB: im_browser->Menu->Help->Help

Note! If you want to use Fiji or Omero with the deployed version of im_browser you need to check mib_java_path.txt file located in the first folder on the search path. Usually [username]\Documents\MATLAB; path to this file will be displayed in the command prompt during start of MIB). Please modify this file and set correct path to your Fiji application and Omero Java libraries. See more here: Fiji and Omero

Run Microscopy Image Browser as standalone (MacOS, x64 bit)

Tested with Mac OS X (Yosemite), version 10.10.3 and Matlab version 8.4 (R2014b).

  1. Download standalone distribution of the program for Mac OS (MIB_Mac.dmg).
  2. Follow the datailed instructions from MIB website MIB Mac OS Version

Additional info

im_browser stores its configuration parameters:

The configuration file is automatically created after closing of im_browser.

If im_browser does not start check Matlab path and/or delete c:\tmp\im_browser.mat file.

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