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Supports the creation of a Simulink module, syntactic interfaces, and checking related guidelines.

The tool highlights data/control flow dependencies in Simulink models and performs model slicing.

Interact with the Flywheel API from the client side for search, get, put, and compute.

This software was released by Princeton Satellite Systems, Inc.

Search for k smallest or largest elements in the array

Brainstorm: Open source application for MEG/EEG data analysis

Bible Downloader


by Rik

Download Bible translations from a GUI

A perceptron-ispired soft classifier of time series based on stigmergic similarity.

Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging Made Easy with qMRLab: Use GUI or CLI to fit and simulate a myriad of qMRI models.

Write XSLX files including equations and layout (No Excel required)

Model predictive control and moving horizon estimation on an Arduino for MIMO temperature control

APMonitor Package for implementing Moving Horizon Estimation

Optimization using the evolutionary algorithm of Differential Evolution.

Similar interface to linprog but solution with nonlinear programming solvers such as IPOPT

Ever wish after creating a GOTO block, you could automatically have a corresponding FROM appear?

Any modeling style using Goto/From tags typically involved creating a Goto tag, then dragging a From tag from the Simulink library and re-entering all the information taht was jsut entered into the

Extract and convert documentation of MATLAB files into various formats (html, etc.).

In Simulink, automatically names signals and blocks in certain use cases.

Very often in Simulink, it is desireable to have naming consistency between signals and certain blocks like inports, outports, tags, scopes, etc. These functions are examples of scripts that

Simple ray-tracing engine for Matlab.

Custom target for MBED Cotrollers

MATLAB toolbox for reading one or more DICOM series from a directory

reading them and accessing DICOM tags in a consistent manner.Important note: We know from experience that there is a lot of variation in DICOM files and the code may not deal with all DICOM files properly.

show what side of Smith chart 2 port S parameters input and output circles is stable or unstable

cmtdtool can reduce and automate manual operations required to perform model-based testing.

Capable of generating 802.11ad Control , SC and OFDM PHY waveforms

Goto tag that automatically inherits input signal name as its Name and Tag

When creating a large number of Goto blocks, it can be laborious to update the tags to match the signal names that they connect to. This will automate the task for any number of blocks. Authored by

"Labeling color 2D digital images in theoretical near logarithmic time"

How to use the Embedded coder with a modular automation system

Implements Immiscible Lattice Boltzmann (ILB, D2Q9) method for two phase flows

Get data of a Honeywell PHD database.

constraint-reduced predictor-corrector interior point method for semidefinite programming

image stack viewer

Fast simulation of audio data at one or more microphones from a source moving in a reverberant room

Differential and algebraic equation solver for high-index, stiff, and mixed-integer systems.

Files of work “A parallel Homological Spanning Forest framework for 2D topological image analysis”

Add legend to axes based on values from plot handles Tag property

Instead of adding a legend manually and making sure the colors are consistent, use the 'Tag' property for each plot to separate them. Then use the function add_legend to add a legend. The function

Read / Write raw Dicom tags with large dictionary, for small file manipulations, like anonymize

There are two main files, "ReadDicomElementList" which will read all tags of a dicom file into a struct and "WriteDicomElementList" which can write them back to a new file.A large dicom dictionary is

Example code for "Deploy Anywhere" article in "Art of MATLAB" blog.

Another application of the APMonitor Optimization Suite for Model Predictive Control



by Todd Karin

Toolbox for importing data saved by IDQ time tag board and included software

is the ability tocompress time-tag data into a more manageable file size. Thecompression is lossless and reduces the file size by a factor of 10 to15. This compression is provided via the dzip and

Calculate RT, DRR, Cte, and EDT for impulse response file

Produce an array of responses from a fourth-order Gammatone filter via FFT

Stacked line plots from a matrix or vectors

Apply a near-ideal low- or band-pass filter.

Calculate subplot positions by specifying figure margins and axis scaling.

Check if mex file is compiled for the OS or if the source was modified since it was compiled.

Produces a colour colormap, of arbitrary length, that is monochrome-compatible.

Return sound pressure levels of pure tone frequencies at specified loudness level(s).

Quantile-quantile plot with patch option

Video tutorial with basic equations of motion calculations in 2D

Automated analysis of common behavior tasks used by the neuroscience community

First order linear system simulation with different tools

Find local peaks or troughs in a vector

Lithium ion battery characterization, state estimation, cell balancing, and thermal management

Effecthttps://www.mathworks.com/content/dam/mathworks/tag-team/Objects/i/71900-ieee-2012-high-fidelity-lithium-battery-model-with-thermal-effect.pdf SAE 2013: Simplified Extended Kalman Filter Observer for Battery SOC Estimationhttps://www.mathworks.com/content/dam/mathworks/tag-team/Objects/s/76108-sae-2013-simplified-ekf-battery-model.pdf SAE

Quantiles of a sample via various methods

A graphical user control based on the JIDE PropertyGrid that mimics MatLab's property inspector.

Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming Solver with APM MATLAB

Example Kalman Filter, Implicit Dynamic Feedback, Filter Bias Update, and Moving Horizon Estimation

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