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version 1.0 (819 KB) by cui
Simple reasoning code, just run demo.mlx


Updated 20 Mar 2021

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Import yolov5*.onnx for inference, including yolov5s.onnx, yolov5m.onnx, yolov5l.onnx, yolov5x.onnx, the original output dimension is 1*255*H*W(Other dimension formats can be slightly modified), import (importONNXFunction) + detection in matlab Head decoding output.

导入yolov5*.onnx进行推理(inference),包括yolov5s.onnx,yolov5m.onnx,yolov5l.onnx,yolov5x.onnx,其原始输出维度为1*255*H*W(其他维度形式可稍作修改), 在matlab中导入(importONNXFunction)+检测头解码输出。

baidu disk:yolov5*.onnx
google disk: yolov5*.onnx

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cui (2021). yoloV5-matlab (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Nicola Franzoso

RonE you have to download the models files using the Cui https address like him have answer to Dana Ros.
Put the files on the onnxPretrainedModels folder and you ca try use yolov5.
Cui is very smart and this is a very good example of use of yolov5 pre trained models.


There is nothing in the onnxPretrainedModels folder except a readme. File not found: './onnxPretrainedModels/yolov5s.onnx'.

Nicola Franzoso

Thanks Cui, well done.


Dara Ros

I couldn't download yolov5*.onnx. Is it possible to have them up on GitHub instead?

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